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A possible face of But not yet!

You guys, that headline is real. is a real website, and if you need to prove it, tell your boss to turn off your stupid filters and let you freely look though the wonders of it. After that, feel free to apply for their job as a spokeswoman, which probably violates labor laws by being open only to women. But hey, if you get the gig, you’ll be too busy spending your $5,000 signing bonus to worry about silly things like that!

Now, before you accuse us of being a bunch of smut merchants, we will point out that according to themselves, the position requires absolutely no nudity. We’ll also point out that we can’t be smut merchants because that would imply we sell the nude pictures we take.

Uh, anyway. The company is looking for an outgoing and charismatic young woman (but not too young, gotta be over 21) who has blogging experience and is comfortable with sex stuff. If you get the gig, you’ll be the new public face of It means starring in your very own web series, blogging for them and interacting with their “legions of fans,” which sounds like something worse than the worst part of your current job.  Still, if you just can’t take another day of wearing a pantsuit or your boss telling you to provide a “WOW customer experience,” make a 2-minute video of yourself being bubbly or soemthing, and fill out their application here. And if you don’t get it, hey, you can always get a job in the world of phone sex.

[h/t New York Observer]

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