Holy crap, the Jets are good. Get cheap Living Social tickets while you can

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Seen more often than not this year: happy Jets players. via Facebook

Pre-season predictions for the New York Jets (the football team that isn’t the Giants) ranged somewhere between “tragic tire fire” and “entertaining tire fire,” with a rookie quarterback, a coach with a loud mouth and a foot fetish and wide receivers found on that aforementioned tire fire. But now, nine weeks into the season, the Jets are 5-4, currently in possession of a playoff spot and have an easy schedule ahead of them. So of all the times to put yourself through seeing a live NFL game, the chance to get this Living Social deal for discounted Jets tickets is the time to do it.

The cheaper of the two deals will get you a $50 ticket, plus a $10 concession stand gift card, to see the Jets take on the equally surprising (in that they’re not a horror show) Oakland Raiders on December 8. You’ll be seated in the end zone, so for two quarters of the game, you can watch Gang Green gallop down the field towards you.

There’s a second, more expensive deal that’s more for the true believers, but should still be fun because the Jets are playing the hated Miami Dolphins, who have more than fulfilled the “tragic tire fire” potential they had. For $95, you can sit in the front section of the Level 300 end zone seats, which are being sold for $125 each, and you also get the $10 gift card. Given that this is the Jets we’re talking about, they’re liable to lose either of these games, leaving you a baffled and drunken mess wondering why you keep falling for it with this goddamn team, but hey, there are worse ways to spend a Sunday.

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