Tiny ironic sweater time: it’s a Hipster Puppy pageant

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How many times do I have to tell you: Milkbones are NOT vegan!

It seems all you need to get a book deal these days is a catchy blog theme, cute pictures and a few digs at hipsters. But for those of us who use Hipster Puppies Tumblr to break up the monotony of hipster humans strolling down Bedford, DUMBO’s powerHouse Arena is hosting the finest — and furriest — Brooklyn alternative to Fashion’s Night Out to celebrate the latest blog-to-book deal. Dress Spot (or is it Iggy Pup?) in that Organic Baby Rib Dog T from American Apparel and make your way to  the Hipster Puppies Pageant on Aug. 25. The store will be packed with mini poodles on mini leopard-print leashes reading mini Bukowski in mini leggings, the free PBR will be flowing, and the best-dressed pooch will win prizes. 

Blog founder and music critic Christopher R. Weingarten will be signing copies of the Hipster Puppies paperback. Need some ideas? Give Daisy a slick crew cut and a Venus symbol tattoo to make feminist puppy — you could even try adding a dog collar. Another great option is an oversized (or regular person-sized) blazer, a candy cigarette and Brown University pendant for pseudo-intellectual puppy. What better way to say farewell to summer by sticking it to the mainstream, doggy-style?

RSVP at [email protected].

Powerhouse Arena is located at 37 Main St. in DUMBO. The pageant begins on Aug. 25 at 7pm.

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  1. because I stayed up until 4 am thinking of these for no particular reason, here are more hipster puppy names: Slobbert Smith, Whiz Phair, Johnny Ra-bone, Bone Iver, Lee “Ball Scratch” Perry, Flea-a Kuti, Dogwai, Gnarls BARKley.

    • Lou Pureb-reed, Dachshund Racist, Tilly and the Water Spaniel, Wolfhound Parade, Man Man’s Best Friend, Black & Tan Rebel Motorcycle Club

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