Help us create our holiday gift guide, win a Brokelyn tee

Always a good gift

Christmas is only 26 days away; Hanukkah… that’ll be over before winter’s even a distant blip on the horizon. The holidays are HERE. Last year, we brought you some must-know holiday tips like this and, definitely, this. But December was mostly about our version of the ubiquitous gift guide: 25 Brooklyn gifts for $25 and under. We asked friends and readers, pestered storekeepers, and scoured stores and gift shops for Brooklyn’s best cheap gifts. There was some pretty cool stuff. And this year, we’re doing it again, but we need some help: your eyes and ears to help us stock the list. Come up with something good, and you’ll have a gift of your own: a new edition Brokelyn t-shirt. Here’s how it’ll work.

We’ve got a few ideas to start, but the list will be a quickly-growing animal between now and Christmas. We’ll be accepting gift ideas until Dec. 24, so email us at [email protected] with the following information: 1) The name of the gift and why you love it; 2) Where you saw it; 3) A usable photo of the gift (or a link to one); and 4) The store’s address and website.

If we use your gift as one of our 25, you’ll get that free Brokelyn t-shirt. Remember, the gift has to be purchasable in Brooklyn and be $25 or less. It also helps if there are more than a couple in stock, given the masses that are likely to descend. Here’s the list from last year, so you see what kind of stuff we tend to like and what… we don’t.

The holiday clock’s ticking, so send those awesome ideas our way. (Storekeepers: We want your gift ideas too, but you won’t get a t-shirt [just the sales and PR]).


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