Help save a Crown Heights community garden from demolition this weekend

Help prevent this beautiful community space from being bulldozed.
Help prevent this beautiful community space from being bulldozed.

Roger That Garden Project needs your help, now. The beloved half-acre community garden in Crown Heights (whose creation through a combination of Kickstarter money, community support and donations we covered here) is facing imminent demolition after TYC Real Estate purchased the lot that includes the garden. They got news of a demolition scheduled for next week just yesterday; now they’re hoping to either raise enough money to buy back the lot, or broker for extra time to find a new space to relocate the garden. Either way, they need bodies and donations.

Ideally, the garden’s supporters will convince a buyer, like the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust or New York Restoration Project, to purchase the lot for a reasonable price from the real estate company. If that doesn’t work out, the next best thing would be for Roger That to find a property owner in the area willing to provide a new spot.

Here’s how you can help:

–Attend a meeting to rally support on Sunday (Jan. 19) from 11 am to 4 pm, at the corner of Rogers Ave and Park Place

–Donate to their Fundly campaign. Profits will go towards purchasing the land back or relocating the garden to a new space

Contact your local officials, spread the news on social media, reach out to property owners of schools, churches, empty lots who could offer the garden a new home

–Email [email protected] to see how you else you can contribute, check the facebook page for updates

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