Help save a Crown Heights community garden from demolition this weekend

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Help prevent this beautiful community space from being bulldozed.

Roger That Garden Project needs your help, now. The beloved half-acre community garden in Crown Heights (whose creation through a combination of Kickstarter money, community support and donations we covered here) is facing imminent demolition after TYC Real Estate purchased the lot that includes the garden. They got news of a demolition scheduled for next week just yesterday; now they’re hoping to either raise enough money to buy back the lot, or broker for extra time to find a new space to relocate the garden. Either way, they need bodies and donations.

Ideally, the garden’s supporters will convince a buyer, like the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust or New York Restoration Project, to purchase the lot for a reasonable price from the real estate company. If that doesn’t work out, the next best thing would be for Roger That to find a property owner in the area willing to provide a new spot.

Here’s how you can help:

–Attend a meeting to rally support on Sunday (Jan. 19) from 11 am to 4 pm, at the corner of Rogers Ave and Park Place

–Donate to their Fundly campaign. Profits will go towards purchasing the land back or relocating the garden to a new space

Contact your local officials, spread the news on social media, reach out to property owners of schools, churches, empty lots who could offer the garden a new home

–Email [email protected] to see how you else you can contribute, check the facebook page for updates

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