Help re-unite Edith & Archie for the holidays

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Archie (right) misses Edith (left)

Here’s a story that should get you posting fliers on the neighborhood lampposts. Edith, a 12-year-old Chihuahua-papillon mix, was stolen last week from the BARC no-kill animal shelter in Williamsburg. Yes, Edith was stolen from her home—cruel enough in itself—but she also was snatched from the side of Archie, a 12-year-old poodle-shih tzu, and her life-long companion. As Anna Jane, a past Brokelyn contributor, writes on, a woman came into the shelter last Thursday asking about adopting a dog. “When the shelter worker turned his back, ” writes Anna Jane, “she [the thief] picked up Edith and ran out.”

According to Anna Jane, Edith and Archie moved into the shelter together eight months ago when their owner moved into a nursing home. And now, without Edith, Archie just doesn’t know how to live:

“For the first time in his doggie life, Archie is alone. “He won’t eat without her. They did everything together. They wouldn’t even want to go on walks without each other,” BARC’s vice president, Vinnie Spinola, told me.”

The woman is described as “tall and thin, in her twenties with long straight brown hair,” Anna Jane writes. Edith… “looks like Edith. She is nine pounds and microchipped.”

The police are investigating, but if you know, see or hear anything, please email [email protected] or call BARC at 718-486-7489.

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