Pick NY’s new taxis for a year of free rides

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Will this be your ride for a year?

We have a hard time paying for a taxi except in some 4 a.m. dead-of-February, G-Train-shuttle-bus situation that warrants forgoing our trusty MetroCard. But here’s a chance to not have to worry about it for a year: as part of the search for the “Taxi of Tomorrow,” the city is giving away a year of free taxi rides (up to $5,000). To enter, just fill out their short survey, which asks you about your taxi habits and what you’d like to see in the new taxis (sunroofs for better views, more storage, lights that tell other drivers that taxi doors are opening, etc.) and even lets you vote on some of the designs. The drawing is Dec. 17, though even if we won, we’d probably still take the subway, because where else do you get to see this?

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  1. There is a design I think that fits more people limo style. I’m just wondering where the design is for the hover cab Bruce Willis drives in the Fifth Element.

  2. It must be able to hold at lease 4 adults
    and improve the air quality. I would like ease of entrance and exit of the taxi.

  3. What’s the deal with SUV cabs that refuse to take more than four passengers? Why bother having an SUV cab then?

  4. Conal — Why would NYC ever use a tried and tested success from another country? Also, 6 passengers? That would mean a group of 5 would only need one taxi… I’m sure that would be considered unacceptable.

    London drivers are also required to take a test called “The Knowledge” — also something that would be considered unreasonable. We can force our tour guides to pass a test, but go forbid we should expect our taxi drivers to be well-versed in the streets and locations within the 5 boroughs!

  5. How about not including a horn in the cab. Or rigging it so that a cabby can’t lay on the horn because he’s frustrated with traffic. I swear cabs do nothing more than degrade the city with their honking, reckless driving, and the arrogance of the drivers.

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