Help fund an effort to put a school in Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Kids learning that nature is something to be feared and respected

Brooklyn Bridge Park is great, and is only gonna get better (hello climbing wall). Of course, most of the improvements to the park only require that you wait around for them to get finished, but now you can actually help fund a proposed park addition, in the form of a permanent classroom that can teach kids about nature. Horrible, horrible nature.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is trying to raise $80,000 to fund the construction of a classroom in the park that will teach schoolchildren around New York City about nature when they come to visit. Currently, the park runs programs for kids that teach them about everything from the history of the Brooklyn Bridge to the environment in the East River to what kind of trees you can find there.

The permanent classroom would be able to add an aquarium and also presumably be able to teach kids things when it’s raining. This is a nobler endeavor than most crowdsourcing campaigns, like those ones your friends run to fund their albums, so think about throwing it a couple of bucks. If not for that reason, than consider that maybe one day your kids could end up going to the classroom.

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