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Help the weddings and former employees derailed by reBar’s bankruptcy

rebar dumbo
No reFunds either. Photo by Ben Yakas via Gothamist

You may have heard last week that DUMBO’s reBar closed without warning, citing a bankruptcy and massive amounts of debt. The closure was so sudden that employees showed up to work on Friday, only to be greeted with the above sign announcing the bankruptcy. Not only that, but dozens of weddings that were going to be held at the bar have no also been canceled, with no refunds for their up-front payments, usually over $10,000. Brooklyn Based has the story of one person whose wedding has been derailed and is looking to somehow recoup, but the rest of the internet has stepped up as well with a few different fundraising appeals.

For starters, there’s a general IndieGogo trying to help every wedding affected by the closure. Run by someone whose friend was going to get married at reBar, the plan for this fundraiser is to try to raise $90,000 to distribute to couples, going off the idea that with two weddings per weekend for the summer, there are 18 couples who could use $5,000 each. The fundraiser also has a GoogleDoc for couples to fill out so that they can get a slice of the money raised. There are also four separate individual weddings with GoFund Me pages soliciting help.

Don’t forget reBar’s employees though, who besides being out of a job, also can’t even get their last paycheck. Given New York’s staggering rent crisis, that check could have been the one set aside from paying the landlord. So, reBar’s DUMBO neighbors at fashion boutique Modavanti have put together a crowdfunding campaign on GiveForward which is looking to raise $10,000 for the ex-employees.

If you’re a couple looking to fundraise, a vendor that will cut these screwed over wedding parties a break or a business that’s looking to hire some screwed over employees, let us know in the comments, or email us at tips [AT]


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