Bar Guide 2014

Bars We Love: Hike through the Heavy Woods!

Heavy 1

Heavy Woods    

50 Wyckoff Ave. (Wyckoff and Willoughby)


Heavy Woods_Interior_Night_ 2

What it is: A café by day, bar by night, good time throughout.

Why we love it: We have loved this bar since it first opened in 2012. The bartenders are consistently friendly, and the bar offers up regular unique events all while serving Cajun food from Tchoup.

Who to Bring: Anyone who can get there early enough to grab a seat at the window with you. It’s quite nice to look out on Wyckoff Ave while gulping one of the 14 rotating drafts or sipping on one of the many (many) whiskeys.

What to Order: Curry pork meatball po’ boy. Need I say more? I do need. If it’s rent time stop in for happy hour and wash the food down with a $2 High Life. Have a few extra dollars in your pocket? Do it up with the Highland’s Fall… single malt and St. Germain cocktail? Yum Yum Yum.

Fun Fact: Here you can rotate between the shot and a beer combo ($5) and Stumptown coffee for a rather hip take on a vodka red bull experience.—Emily Berninger

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