Have yourself a Craigslist Christmas

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Craigslist contains some items (okay, most) that we wouldn’t even want for free (bedsheets? um, no thanks.), and some that are interesting, like The Crotch, but we don’t really want to pay more than $20 for (The Crotch is $500). And there are some places we just won’t go to pick up a really cheap item. Like Connecticut. But there are great cheap and sometimes free gems you could pass off as holiday presents to the right person (like this retro bench). Here are some of them.

Very cool made-in-Switzerland fondue Set in Bay Ridge. $50.

36 Books for $50 (Bay Ridge) with authors you’re proud to display: Edgar Allen Poe, Tom Wolfe, William F. Buckley, Alice Walker, Herman Wouk.

In Flatbush, a pair of Walkie Talkies is $20. These things are fun. (You almost forgot, didn’t you…)

The Original BeDazzler $10, plus MetroCard fare to Manhattan.

In Flatbush, a Sakar Mini Tripod is $10.

Somewhere in Brooklyn, a Guinea Pig is free. (Save this rodent!)

One free ticket to the Jets/Falcons game December 20. Last row up.

Funky bench/love seat, free in Ditmas Park, and a free Retro Chair in Williamsburg.

At Flatbush and Nostrand, there’s a 27-inch free TV.

In Cobble Hill, you can hit up an apartment with a bunch of free stuff, including a stereo system, cook books, and “trinkets.”  That’s almost more fun than shopping with someone else’s money!  Wait, I take that back.

And speaking of free stuff, don’t tell me you haven’t signed up for Brooklyn FreeCycle yet…!

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