Happy New Year, Brokesters! (And why 2009 wasn’t so bad)

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Manhattan Bridge at sunrise, by Tattooed JJ.

A popular way to usher in the new year has been to dump on 2009. Yeah, it was a crap year in a whole bunch of ways. But it was kind of a good one too. Lots of folks started Etsy shops, became better cooks, devoted themselves to sports they finally had time to do, found their voices on blogs, actually saw their kids once in a while, hatched long-simmering entrepreneurial schemes, started Flickr pools, systematically tried every taco joint in the borough because sushi was out of the question, took classes, learned to garden, had more sex, and so on. I started a web mag and met amazing people. Big thanks to the Brokelyn writers, photographers, designers, commenters, subscribers, advertisers, contest-enterers, wet t-shirt hunks, Facebook fans, bartenders, fancy book authors who wrote for us, the tipsters, the Twitterers (including those three guys from Ohio who Tweet about their Brokelyn t-shirts every day) and the bloggers who put us on the map. Because of you, 2009 was a pretty inspiring, creatively energized year around here. And I’m thinking the next one is going to be even better, for all of us. (Just look—numerically speaking, was there ever a more beautiful date than today’s?) Happy 2010, everyone.


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