Happy humpday! New online service makes sharing STD info easier, sadder

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Ooo, peanut crackers! (via flickr user Nicole Lee)

The internet is a wonderful tool for cultivating romance awkward booty calls. But while it’s great to get a peek at what goods your online date’s got before you do the deed, it’s even more important to know what special, uh, viral surprises they’ve got for you. That’s where Qpid.me comes in; it’s a new, free online service that’ll store and share your STI test results, sparing you from having to tell another one of your lovers about that time you had chlamydia. Isn’t the modern world amazing?

Sporting the tag line, “Spread the love, nothing else,” Qpid.me says their aim is to help make STD test results more transparent, both for the testee and his or her sexual partners. You can request to have your medical records and test results sent directly to Qpid.me, where they’ll ostensibly hold them for you online and not email them out to all your Gmail contacts. Plus, you can “privately” share your results with whomever you choose, so instead of having to use speaking words to let someone know you’ve got gonorrhea, you can send them a nice medical text message instead. There’s a handy FAQ section addressing any possible questions and concerns that could come up. Our favorite question, if you’re wondering, is, “If my partner and I both use Qpid.me, could we still get pregnant?”

It is important to note that STDs should not be taken lightly. It’s important to maintain an open dialogue with your sexual partner, which, after a few shots at Union Pool, can be difficult to do. That being said, have we really reached a point where we can no longer communicate using our voices, and must instead rely on the internet to practice safe sex? O millennials, have we lost our way?

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  1. what stops someone from posting that their worst enemy has every STI in the book? i checked the initial registration page, and there is nothing to confirm that you are who you say you are.

    • I understand where you’re coming from chchch, however we take a lot of measures to ensure no on has access to your results except you.

      Specifically, on the initial registration page, as you type in your first name it says, “Only register yourself. Pretending to be someone else is identity theft.” Later in the process, you electronically sign your name and the health care provider has to match that signature to the one you did in person. And if there is any question on the health care providers side, they’ll call you to ensure you requested you records.

      Re: your worst enemy posting your results. They would have to get a hold of them first. And even if they did, an overwhelming majority of our users don’t have an STI. And if they do, they treat them, retest and show their negative status using our free service.

      To be clear, we do not verify is someone has herpes or HPV. We explain why in our FAQ.

      And if someone is HIV positive, they can show their viral load to show they are taking their medication and as a result are dramatically less infectious.

      We’ve been working on this for awhile and have a terrific team and advisors with a lot of experience in sexual health and technology.

      We can be the first step in having that always awkward conversation of “have you been tested?” And that especially works well in an online dating environment, where a lot of users use us.

      Let me know if you have further questions and thanks for the comment – [email protected]

      Ramin Bastani, Founder
      Qpid.me, Inc.

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