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You can swim in a rooftop pool for just $15 this summer

It's not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.
It’s not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.

Ah, the old “pool on the roof” bit. Great way to trick freshmen and other newcomers, but would also be nice if there really was a pool on the roof in some buildings. Oh hey, look at that, there are and even though it’s buildings in Manhattan, you can get some deals that allow you to swim in them for as low as $15. Looks like you’ve got a new place to workout this summer, if that’s the kind of thing you do.

The cheap pool options come courtesy of Fit Day Pass, a website that sells cheap day passes to gyms around the city. Whether or not you actually care about working out, it’s always nice to get a swim in that doesn’t involve going all the way to the beach, so these deals could be really useful. Especially when, like we said, there’s an option to buy a day pass for just $15 at Complete Body on 57th Street. The day pass for that gym gets you access to the lovely pool you see above, complete with outdoor roof deck right next to it so you can sun your newly fit body outdoors after going for a swim.

Of course, if you don’t want to go all the way to 57th Street, you can do a $25 pass for the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers. It’s a bit more expensive, but the Chelsea Piers pool has a view of the Hudson and plenty of light, so you can get in shape and also be really thankful you’re not swimming in the Hudson itself. Either way, you’ve got a chance to chance to live like a 1%-er this summer, or even send a revenge selfie to someone who previously tricked you with a rooftop pool prank, to let them know that you won in the end.

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