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Got the next Snapchat inside you? Take a free app-making class

Learn how to make a game that's better than this boring time suck. via Facebook
Learn how to make a game that’s better than this boring time suck. via Facebook

America’s gone app crazy. Everyone falls asleep dreaming of making a killer new app and quitting their jobs nowadays. And we can not only help you find a job you might not hate, but now we can point you in the direction of a free class that will teach you how to make the next Tinder, Grindr, Snapchat or even an app that isn’t used exclusively for sex,

App wizards apigee (who have a website we cannot understand at all), are swinging into the DUMBO Loft next week, on August 28 and 29, to host a handful of half-day classes that will teach you in the ins and outs of HMTL5 or iOS stuff, which is basically Greek to us except that unlike Greek, which we also can’t understand, it does not come with delicious lamb meat.

So if those are also Greek to you, these might not be the best classes, since they ask that in addition to having a laptop, you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS or iPhone-friendly programming languages. If you do though, the classes sound pretty cool, with software engineer Matt Dobson running through everything you need to know about making apps for Android or Apple spacephones. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll learn enough to make the ever-elusive “Grindr for women” that people keep trying to design.

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