Got the greenest block in Brooklyn? Prove it!

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It’s time someone took out those jerks on Lincoln Road. Ah, they’re probably nice, we’re just competitive. Via Brooklyn Botanic Garden

People are just crazy about the environment here. Maybe it’s because we only have so much green space available to us. Maybe it’s because we’re all a bunch of libtards. Or maybe we just don’t want to be washed into the sea all over agin. Whatever the reason, it’s once again the time of year to prove who among us loves the environment the most, with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “Greenest Block in Brooklyn” contest.

You might be surprised to lean that the purpose of the contest isn’t to pit neighbor against neighbor in a brutal braggadocio-filled battle of blooms. According to the Botanic Garden, the purpose is to promote streetscape gardening, tree stewardship and community development. And provided you’re not a jerk and don’t just start giving orders, greening up your block sounds like a great way to meet your neighbors.

So what will you be judged on in this competition of tree hugging? Sadly, not how hard and long you can hug a tree. But, they will see if your trees are pruned and otherwise cared for, if you and your bros use mulch and compost and use them properly. Also if your block has a diverse and colorful bunch of plants growing on it and if you got the whole block involved. So like we said, be nice when recruiting people. Especially since if you win, your block association gets a $300 check. Hellooooo crazy-ass block party.

If you want to put your block up to the exacting standards of the Botanic Garden’s ice cold judges, make nice with some neighbors, pretty up the block and enter here by June 1. And remember: we’re all winners when we treat the environment with care. But also some people are bigger winners because they’re better at it.

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