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See Patrick Stewart wait for Godot, at a healthy discount

patrick stewart waiting for godot
Watching famous people wait has never been more fun

Brooklyn is in love with Patrick Stewart, which we probably were anyway before he lived here. But now he lives in Park Slope and is eating pizza, chilling in Coney Island and showing us how to do the elusive quadruple take, possibly while not sober and we love him even more. But the man is still a working actor, not just a repository of weird faces (kind of the same thing though), so you can go support his art at a by seeing him and BFF Ian McKellen as they star in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot at a healthy discount.

How healthy of a discount? Try paying just $42 for balcony seats that are usually $70. Follow this link here and have the code WFGNMLFB1 handy for the discounted tickets, which you can get for any performance up until December 5. You need to go to a show in the evening from Tuesday through Friday, but what’s better than a night at the theater with Captain Picard and Gandalf? If you insist on seeing an afternoon show, you can still get the discount for Wednesday matinees, the Friday matinee on November 29 or the Sunday matinee on December 1.

If you insist on going to a weekday matinee, just tell your boss you need to leave early that day to go ponder the existential questions of our very existence as presented by two noble but put-upon clowns. We’re sure he’ll TOTALLY understand.

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