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Giveaway! Tix to Rebel Bingo, and an underground discount

February's Underground Rebel Bingo Club at the Bell House. Via NickyDigital

Ok, listen up: Since you are such an awesome Brokelyn reader, we’re going to let you in on a little secret going down in a secret location in Gowanus that will be a ruckus-y good time. Clear your plans for May 21; you might want to cancel anything on Sunday too, for good measure. There’s an event going down, starting at 9pm: the Underground Rebel Bingo Club. It’s a reinvention of the classic grandma game, a night of pure greatness where you can joyously hold that bingo marker while dancing, drinking and winning fun stuff. How do you feel about getting a discount? Or maybe winning a pair of tickets?! Brokelyn is here for you! Contest ends at 8pm 5/19!

The event is going down somewhere in Gowanus: ticket holders will be notified the night before of the exact location of the party. Tickets range from $5 to $15, depending on when you buy them, but Brokelyn has special deals just for you: when you use the Brokelyn code “BROKE” (all caps), you’ll pay just $5. Purchase your tickets here! Or, leave your best rebellion or secretive moment in the comments for a chance to win TWO free tickets! You have to be a Brokelyn e-mail subscriber to win, but it takes two seconds to sign up, and wouldn’t you want to be anyway (we promise no annoying spam)? Zombies, underground comments are also welcome.

Bingo! Photo by NickyDigital

Underground Rebel Bingo Club started simply with a drunken crew, and a bingo set absent of any directions. Since they had no idea how to play (they’re British, so maybe that’s a good excuse?), they made their own rules, and ended up having a wonderful night of B-I-N-G-O debauchery that’s now become a global underground party sensation. Now it’s Brooklyn’s turn next Saturday!

They have a few rules, aside from the actual game, and based on previous party videos and pictures, expect to make out with someone, loose a tutu, and/or have a ding dong drawn on your body at some point. Sorry Grandmas, you won’t be winning quarters or that Matlock DVD here.

Irony! Rule breaking! Secretiveness… Oh, goddammit, the suspense is killing us.


  1. I’m a miserable virgin from New Jersey, who often shuns this sad fact when mingling with girls sporting asymmetrical haircuts, claiming I’m a successful and well-experienced troubadour from Iowa. Is that secretive enough?

    Gimme tickets now! Please?

  2. Brady Lady

    My mom was super nitpicky and overbearing when I was growing up and it was all directed at me since she was single and I was her only child (she’s a lot more chill now). She was always licking her fingers and smudging food/marker off my face, way past an appropriate age. Gross! One time when I was about 12, she picked a small piece of fuzz off my shirt and flicked it on the floor of the bus we were on. It was embarrassing for me to be groomed by my mom in front of so many people and I’d had enough. I found the piece of fuzz on the floor of the bus, stuck it back on my shirt, and told my mom I quite liked it and she better not touch my fuzz again. She got the message.

  3. My most secretive moment was my clandestine trip to Spain a few weeks ago. I found a great deal on a flight to Barcelona and I wanted my then-boyfriend to come with me. He seemed totally into it at first, but because he’s a complete flake, dragged his feet at helping me make decisions as to where to book a hotel. I was becoming more and more frustrated with his half-assing, a theme throughout our relationship. Finally he said he couldn’t go, and the day before I left for Spain I broke up with him. My mother would’ve freaked out if she knew I was traveling overseas alone but there was no way I was going to miss out on seeing beautiful Barcelona and meeting lovely non-loser Spanish men… so I had a great week exploring a gorgeous city and eating kickass sangria and tapas without telling my family. Too bad they won’t see all the awesome pictures I took.

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