Give a frack, check out this comedy benefit for Riverkeeper

Comedian Kerryn Feehan wondering what the frack is going on
Comedian Kerryn Feehan wondering what the frack is going on

“Fracking.” Not just a clever use for the writers of Battlestar Galactica to allow their characters to say “fucking” all the time, it’s also a slightly controversial way for us to extend our reliance on fossil fuels. How? By shooting a bunch of chemicals into the ground beneath our aquifer and cracking open the shale down there like a lobster to get sweet, sweet natural gas. Will the chemicals leech into our ground water? WHO KNOWS. If that sounds crazy to you, there’s a comedy show tonight that will allow you to laugh and also raise money in opposition to fracking going down in New York.

Put together by comedians Kerryn Feehan and Frank Liotti, with an assist from Victoria Varney over at Greenpointers, the  inaugural Cause B Show will focus on raising money for Riverkeeper, clean water advocates who are devoted to fighting fracking upstate. The show tonight at 9pm at Over the Eight (594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg) will costs you $10,and it not only comes with a free beer, but the only people getting rich off of the admission are Riverkeeper, who get 100% of the proceeds. And while you might be convincing yourself you can just make do with buying bottled water if our drinking water is full of deadly chemicals, think about this: you need water to make beer. Yeah, you’re scared now, aren’t you?

The Cause B Show: Frack Attack, tonight, 9pm, Over the Eight, 594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, $10

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