Gilt launches new NYC deals site

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Watch out Groupon!

If you can’t seem to get enough offers for cheap teeth whitening and brow waxings at salons you’ve never heard of, then you’ll be thrilled that there’s a new “social” deal site in town. Gilt Groupe (friend!) has just unveiled a new NYC-centric site designed to compete with Groupon (um, never mind!). Gilt, for those who don’t know—and lots of you probably shouldn’t—has twice daily “sample” sales on designer clothes and accessories, at noon and 9 every day. (Warning: it can get addictive, because alongside the $350 Tory Burch dresses are $22 earrings from indie designers.) Even though the main Gilt site tends to have schmancy offerings, so far Gilt City‘s deals aren’t all that different from the ones we’re used to seeing from similar sites: yesterday they had discounts on a three-course meal at a restaurant on the Upper East Side, a wine class, a spa treatment and some frozen yogurt. Email us when it’s 90 percent off everything at the Apple store!

[via Racked]

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