Get your vinyl collecting on at Record Store Day tomorrow

Head down to Academy, and a few other stores, for your limited edition vinyl fix
Head down to Academy, and a few other stores, for your limited edition vinyl fix. via Facebook

We’ve been mourning the impending death of Williamsburg vinyl shop Sound Fix Records for the past few weeks, but there’s some good news for lovers of stores that sell music outside of the iTunes gulag: next month marks the return of the annual Record Store Day, in which independently-owned record stores nationwide celebrate their dying awesomeness with special record releases, meet-and-greets, performances and general record-related revelry.

The event was dreamed up by Chris Brown in the late ’90s — not Rihanna’s boyfriend, mind you, but a record shop employee who wanted to celebrate a musical art that was even dying then. Plenty of New York record shops will be participating, including a number of vinyl shops in Brooklyn: Permanent Records and Co-op 87 Records in Greenpoint, along with soon-t0-be shuttered Sound Fix and Academy Records Annex in Williamsburg will all be getting in on the action.

And there will be a whole bunch of new record releases to look forward to, including two David Bowie 7″s, an exclusive Best Coast release, a Sharon Von Etten 7″ and a tenth-anniversary re-release of the White Stripes’ Elephant album — peep the whole list of releases here. And expect other fun surprises too, like live performances, sales and maybe even a few special appearances by local and national artists: plus, this year Record Store Day magically falls on April 20th, so, uh, maybe pick up a Phish album or two while you’re at it.

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