Get two thousand bucks for your awesome Sandy relief idea

They could probably use a couple grand
They could probably use a couple grand

So, despite kinda lame videos declaring that everyone’s over Sandy hooray! we all know that places are still suffering and could use some help. Do you have an awesome idea to help that could just use a little cash to implement? Are you Occupy Sandy? The Citizens Committee for New York City wants to give you a $2000 grant to get your idea off the ground.

Hey, good thing we gave you those tips on how to effectively fill out a grant application, huh? These grants are being given out to “support specific projects that address hurricane-related damage to community spaces,” like waterfronts, gardens and schools. You don’t actually have to go all the way back to the days of Occupy Sandy though, the CCCNYC will be happy to give money to a newly formed group.

If you want the CCCNYC grant money, you’ve gotta provide them with a plan for a volunteer project that you can finish between August and October 31. They also want a detailed timeline and budget details from you, so don’t think you can get some friends together and just tell them “Yeah, we’re gonna like, clean up and stuff.” Don’t think about it too long though: you’ve only got until August 1 to submit your application.

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