Get paid in beer, which violates no labor laws whatsoever

Hopefully your video doesn’t require this many takes. via abs2

Aspiring Brooklyn comedian: do you like to drink? Of course you do. You’re a comedian. But, man cannot live on alcohol alone, not that we haven’t tried. So if you’re stuck trying to choose between paying rent and buying beer, we suggest taking a page out of Nick and Jack Packard’s book and wowing a beer company with your talent and alcoholism.

The Packard brothers had just been goofing around with their idea, “Hey, Pass Me a Beer.” But after going through three cases of Old Milwaukee, they approached the company and were rewarded with enough to go through almost two hundred beers in the shoot and still have enough left over to drink like winos proper gentlemen afterwards. They then uploaded it to Funny Or Die, where Jack works, and were further rewarded with six million views after YouTube snatched it up. So the path is clear: a small layout for a couple cases will lead to a dump truck full of tallboys dumped on your lawn. Try it out by¬†uploading¬†your own version of “Hey, Pass Me a Beer” for a chance to win cash prizes, and, we assume, more beer.

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