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Get your free Mad Men haircut today

The smolder will come naturally. via About

You want to be Don Draper, but there’s just one problem: Who’s going to take your unbridled chauvinism seriously when you’re still rocking a bowl cut? How will you get the haircut that will make you an advertising mogul and rake in all the ladies (or fellas) without draining your sacred afternoon Old Fashioned fund?

The answer to this, as with most vintage-themed dilemmas, lies in Williamsburg. An apprentice barber at Fellow Barber (101 N. 8th Street) wants to help you look as debonair as your grandfather did (just kidding you’ll never be as suave as Pop-Pop) by providing free short clipper cuts today, January 8th. The barber’s doing it for work-based evaluation and haircuts are first-come, first-served, so if you’re ready to be the most charming hair model this side of the East River head over to Fellow Barber and claim your do.

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