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For your health: Get your free flu shot this week and avoid being ostracized

Be brave and maybe wear a shirt
Be brave and maybe wear a shirt.

Thanks to stupid Ebola, having a runny nose and coughing violently will now get you even more ostracized than it usually does. With flu season coming up, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do your part to slow down fearbola by getting a flu shot so the people around you don’t have to think your body fluids will summon The End of Days. Lucky for you, there are a few chances for you to take care of that for free this week.

You’re way more likely to get the flu (and get eaten by a shark, and even have a pleasant G train experience) than you are to get Ebola anyway, so if you’re trying to avoid feeling tired and sweaty and nauseous we recommend getting a free shot at one of the many spots around Brooklyn that are offering them free. You can head to The Brooklyn Hospital Center (121 DeKalb Ave), Wednesday,October 28 5pm-8pm if you want to head up to Fort Greene, where you can sit in the park after your flu shot and think about bed bugs.

We also got an email from Laurie Cumbo’s office letting us know that free shots will be given out at the Bishop Orris G Walker, Jr. Health Care Center (528 Prospect Place, Crown Heights), October 28 10am-1pm and at the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza (1368 Fulton St), October 29 1pm-4pm, to the first 150 adults who want to get inoculated.

On a side note, if there’s a vaccine that’ll keep us from having to hear the awful term “body fluids” again, please send it our way.

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