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We’re all about the little shops here in Brooklyn, but when there’s another place somewhere with really good deals, our readers should know about it—even if it’s in Mumbai. So a few months ago, for an article in one of our favorite magazines, we did a test-shop at MakeYourOwnJeans.com, an online store that creates men’s and women’s made-to-order jeans, based upon your own measurements and design specs. It’s an involved process because not only do you have to calibrate your knee circumference and front and rear crotch heights, among other unmentionables, but you must choose virtually every aspect of the design, such as the weave, rise, leg flare, button and stitch color. (Not every option is a winner, so let not temptation lead you to some of the Goth-inspired pocket embroideries and stylings like “super hand ripps.”)

But so perfectly fitting are these jeans that we now have five pair, and we talked our new Mumbai friend Harry at MYOJ into giving us a coupon so you can try them too. (And no, this is not sponsored content.) Now through the end of the month, you can get 15 percent off of Harry’s impossibly low prices (most styles are under $50 to begin with). Just type in yourstyle at checkout. And be honest with the tape measure—these people have definitely seen bigger butts than yours.

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  1. Ok, can you preety please share some more details re: good options, washes, etc. Jeans shopping has been traumatic enough me for me, and I don’t think I could handle a custom pair that made my ass look any fatter than it already is….

  2. Isnt there a lazer etching mackine for jeans at Diesel in midtown?
    I mean not brooklyn BUT its more custom than custom and its using your own (hopefully already broken in and trustworthy) jeans

  3. MakeYourOwnJeans.com is a HORRIBLE company. I have ordered six pairs from them in the past, and they got three of them wrong. I finally sent a pair of perfect-fitting jeans to ‘clone’, and they sent back a perfect pair- EXCEPT that they are THREE INCHES shorter than I ordered. TheY would NOT remake the jeans for me at not cost. They offered a 30% discount if I wanted to order another pair, but wouldn’t guarantee that those would fit either; then they refused to finish my order of four total pairs. The are happy to take your money, but they make NO guarantees that they will make them according to the information you send. Run for your life from these guys. There are lots of other custom jean options online. (There’s a reason these guys are cheap. They’re also poor craftsmen and cheats.)

  4. using a search engine, I found Makeyourownjeans.com and literally everything changed.
    I was amazed when my jeans showed up.A brilliant product, made to my exact specifications, and for a price I can afford..
    The jeans from MYOJ are the best jeans i have ever had! Perfect fit,excellent quality and very good price.I am 200% satisfied. Ordering itself is very easy to follow, lots of options to choose from.They keep you updated with the progress.Fast delivery.
    Thanks for their willingness to customize not just in size but also shape,I have not seen nearly as many options from similar companies.
    Just before I ordered I bought high quality brand jeans. Good but not so excellent as I received from MYOJ.
    MY VERDICT:Quality products at an amazing price with fast delivery and polite correspondance keeping me in touch with the status of my order.

  5. Sorry you had a bad experience Elaine but allow me to post a contrasting view.

    It’s very difficult for me to find jeans that fit (29 inch waist, 35 inch leg) and a google search led me to makeyourownjeans.com. I’m also generally wary of buying anything online without checking out the vendor first. Although there is a fair amount of positive feedback there were also several negative reviews so I felt that I should tread carefully. At the end of the day, I figured that I could put the $50 down to an experience learnt if they didn’t come through (yeah, yeah, I know that shouldn’t be the Brokelyn way).

    Ordering is a little more complicated than most website because you have to input specific measurements, as well as any comments that you want to add. It’s well worth taking the time to read the instructions thoroughly and do this properly.

    I have to say that my jeans arrived promptly, to the right specification, and fit perfectly. I don’t know that I would be able to say the same of their “cloning” service that I think that is, quite frankly, a ridiculous way to order clothes: firstly, there are countless varieties of denim – no one company in the world will have every permutation. Beyond that, even to the same specification you will get batch variations because of subtle differences in the cotton or the dye. Your own jeans will have been broken-in in a specific way – there’s no guarantee that even a pair from the same manufacturing batch will break in the same way. Do yourself a favour and order a completely fresh and custom pair of jeans that have the chance to become your future favourite pair of jeans.

    Do I know what I’m talking about? Well I hold a degree in Clothing Engineering and Management from one of the foremost textiles institutes in the world. I have also worked in the textiles division of SGS, the world’s largest third-party inspection agency, inspecting clothing to military specification. So yes, I think I do.

    MYOJ DO manufacture to a high quality and specification. The only significant difference between these and store-bought jeans is marketing hype and retail mark-ups. You may have an ethical issue with buying products with overseas labour content but that would be true of most manufacturers these days. If MYOJ had NY retail space with sales assistants doing the measuring for you, you would pay 4x the price for the same product.

    Finally, I have to say that Elaine’s story smells a little fishy. You ordered six pairs of jeans and they got three of them wrong? After they get ONE of them wrong without a satisfactory resolution to your complaint, why did you continue to order from them? Not only that but you then send a pair of “perfect-fitting jeans to clone”. Since you want exactly the same thing then you must really like these jeans, no? So after them screwing up 50% of your orders in the past, you still trust a pair of jeans that you really like to these guys? I think you’re either lying or you’re rather stupid. Either way, I’m not putting much stock in your opinion, especially when my own experience is so different.

  6. They sent me a pair of jeans that was the wrong color. When I complained, customer service basically said tough luck. I’m, however, one of the lucky ones… from the many complaints regarding makeyourownjeans.com, I can at least wear my jeans. Most can’t even wear their jeans. Stay away from this company.

  7. I loved the pants I got from MYOJ…until my 5th or 6th order, when they sent the wrong color. I sent them many pictures to prove that it was the wrong color (brown trousers instead of gray ones) and I, also, got the “tough luck” answer…they tried to claim that brown and dark gray are really the same thing. Would not replace with the right color and would not refund. I won’t use them anymore–which bums me out, because my best jeans are from them. But their attitude and refusal to fix their mistake may happen again. So order from them if you want awesome jeans but are OK with receiving the wrong thing and still paying for it.

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