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Today only: cash for your stinky running shoes

The author's clunkers, soon to be cashed

All this hubbub over cash for clunkers is pretty yawn-inducing for us here in the borough, where the very idea of even owning a car—clunker or otherwise—seems like a terribly bourgeois idea in the first place. [Editor’s note: whoa there… down, fella!] If you are left to travel the city à pied, is there any hope of relief? There is today, if you were planning to drop some serious cash on a new pair of running shoes at least.

Super Runners Shop is holding a one-day Cash for Clunkers sneaker trade-in event today. The deal is you bring in your busted up old pair of running sneaks for recycling and you get $25 off a new pair of shoes if you buy them today.

That 25 bucks is nothing to scoff at when it comes to new running shoes, which can run from $100 to $140. As a long-time runner, a decent pair of running shoes is about the only thing I consider worth dropping some serious cash on these days (see also: rent, Tarantino movie tickets), and the only piece of clothing I don’t look for first in a thrift store. The shop has a decent selection of trainers and racing shoes that I’ll be glad to take in exchange for my puddle-soaked old pair of Mizunos.

Super Runners Shop, 123 Court St. between Atlantic and State, 718-858-8550. Open until 7 p.m.

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