Get 80% off designer duds at Housing Works’ Best of Fall sale

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Now that you’ve managed to turn your favorite clothes into ripped up, sweat-stained shells of what they once more, you’re gonna need to get some new clothes for fall so that you remain fashionable (and aren’t nude and freezing all season). The only problem with getting a new wardrobe that hasn’t been shredded by summer is it can cost you a bunch of money, but you can avoid Empty Wallet Syndrome by shopping smart and hitting up Housing Works’ Best of Fall sale, which is dragging designer clothes down to prices that you can afford.

The Best of Fall sale is your perfect chance to spend a fraction of the cost rich people spend on clothing, which will allow you to infiltrate their ranks and maybe marry one of them much more easily. You’ll find things like this large Stella McCartney sweater that usually runs you $1,140 busted all the way down to $125, or these Valentino red patent leather boots that usually go for $1,845 on sale for $285. Holy crap, that is goddamn ridiculous.

The sale starts Saturday, August 29 at Housing Works’ SoHo location (130 Crosby Street) and then runs through most of September. If you don’t want to go to Manhattan, Housing Works’ Brooklyn Heights location (122 Montague Street) will hold their sale from 5pm to 8pm on September 3, and the Park Slope location (266 5th Avenue) will be dishing out deals  on September 12 from 12pm to 8pm. There’s also a chance to shop online on September 16 if you don’t want to go anywhere. Even if we’re not up on every fashion trend, we understand what “80% off designer clothing” means, especially when the money you’re paying to look good is going towards Housing Works’ mission of helping people with HIV and AIDS.

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