Get $550 worth of classic comics for just $39 with this super-powered Groupon

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Hopefully you don’t wind up with the Clone Saga, which was just bad

Hey nerd, looking to beef up your comic collection? Of course you (we) are, there’s never a bad opportunity to put more boxes of comics in your apartment somewhere. Well, maybe there is sometimes, but in this case, there is no good reason to skip this offer for between 50 and 75 classic comics for just $39, instead of $550. It’s winter, what else are you going to do but seek comfort in familiar things, like say, old comics?

The Groupon offer comes from the people at Comic Book Headquarters, who seem to be some kind of used comic warehouse. According to the Groupon, they buy all their stuff from private collectors and then resell it, which we imagine means these comics come with the extra bonus of being stuck with the psychic pain of people having to get rid of their old comics. Eh, just a little haunting that comes with it, no biggie. We’d risk it for up to 75 old Marvel comics for less than a dollar each, especially since there are allegedly ten bundles that come with expensive comics.

It’s a lot of comics for not that much money though, and its all DC and Marvel comics, not some fly-by-night old indie labels that put out weird comics that never lasted. Obviously you’re playing the odds here a little bit, but if you get a bunch you don’t like, who says you can’t repackage them as Hanukah gifts for your younger/dumber siblings or cousins? No one, that’s who. PLUS the comics also come with vintage baseball cards, and vintage baseball cards are the best.

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