Get a $3,000 grant for your neighborhood improvement plan (if it’s good)

citizens committee for new york city
Got an idea for a garden that could use a little cash lift? Read on. via Facebook.

As you’ve been looking around your neighborhood, have you been dreaming up a way to make it better? No, not in a misguided and possibly racist way, we mean something like making a community garden, organizing tenants for housing rights and getting recycling programs going. Your problem is probably that you lack the resources to get this started, but fortunately for you, it’s grant season over at the Citizens Committee for New York City, and they’re giving out $3,000 grants for people with good neighborhood improvement project ideas.

Holy moly, $3,000? That sounds pretty sweet, since it’s not like you just have $3,000 sitting around. At least that’s what we assume since you’re reading this website. The Citizens Committee wants to help people with projects that “address important community concerns” and “contribute to building stronger communities,” which is pretty noble. So do you have one of those ideas and are part of a residents’ group in a low-income neighborhood? Well then you just might be in the running for one of these grants.

Don’t worry about your group not being known throughout the land, or even being a formally incorporated 501 (c)(3) or non-profit. As long as you’re a residential group trying to do good, and you don’t want to use the grant to cover your rent, pay for speakers have a block party or a few other disqualifying ideas, you’re good. So attend an information session or watch a video about the grants, apply and get some money to do good in the world.

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