Game on! Grab cheap Devils tickets through Living Social

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Adam Henrique: excited about playing in front of any fans at all. via Van City Buzz

For the last few months, it was looking like there was a serious chance there would be no hockey this season. Fortunately, our long national nightmare is over and the lockout ended with enough time to play half of a season. Better than nothing, we suppose. Now, because either they don’t draw or because they’re trying to get back in fans’ good graces, the New Jersey Devils are offering a steep discount through Living Social.

You can go to Friday’s game against the Washington Capitals or a game next Thursday against the Islanders. Our advice would be to go to the Capitals game, since you’re paying either $28 or $49 for either game, and tickets for a game against the Capitals are the more expensive tickets usually. That option also comes with a gift bag commemorating the Devils’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, may it never happen again, and also get a magnetic schedule, which are actually useful for keeping things on your fridge.

The Capitals also just a better team, with international superstar (they exist in hockey) Alexander Ovechkin leading the way. Will the hockey be kind of weird and disjointed because there were no training camps and no pre-season? Maybe. But at least you’ll have avoided paying full price for that experience.

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