Future Perfect sale: really expensive stuff, slightly less so

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The big sale at The Future Perfect was actually pretty manageable when I got there a little after noon on Friday. Expecting long lines and pushy crowds, I was pleasantly surprised by the slow trickle of bargain hunters trailing down to the basement of the Williamsburg shop. What I found in there were a few gems in a small selection of modern wares. The very pleasant and helpful salesperson said the best deals were on the Italian designers because they rarely if ever went on sale. Most items were in good condition with a few bumps and bruises, but prices were easily in the hundreds of dollars—the $5 merch advertised in the sale email was tough to find. The closest we could find were Normann, Copenhagen’s very cool and collapsible funnel ($10) and colander ($25), pictured here, both by designer Boje Estermann in green, yellow, and red. Other highlights included:

Olivia Shao’s Plexiglass mirros with whimsical cutouts were $15; most had some wear and tear, but a little clean up and you’re fine.

Cole and Son’s, beautiful blue-and-white graphic Cow Parsley wallpaper, originally $178 per roll, was on sale for $40 per roll. Only four rolls left.

chairA Kartell Louis Ghost Chair in yellow (right), was $405 now $300. We were told that the chairs are usually sold in pairs so some would consider it a golden opportunity to snag the only one at the sale at such a discount. It had a few noticeable surface scratches but I was told that’s usual for the design.

Kartell, White Bourgie Lamp with a limited edition white lampshade with gold interior. In mint condition, original price $460 marked down to $350.

T-UKIYO, By Morojo Floral Side Tables, were $542 now $299 each. Another designer who is rarely marked down. In excellent condition.

The Future Perfect sale runs through tomorrow, noon to 7 each day, 115 N. 6th St., (718) 599-6278.

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  1. This was my favorite design store in Brooklyn when everyone had a job and some spending money, now it might as well be Moss, discount or not.

  2. The Ghost chairs do scuff up like crazy (Kartell sells a cleaner) but saying that they are usually only available in pairs is BS. You can buy them individually everywhere I’ve ever seen them – except, I guess, at FP.

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