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When we wanted to find out the best cheap places for teens in Brooklyn, we knew just who to ask: Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker, the Brooklyn-based creators of, a newsletter full of style and entertainment tips for the pre-Daily Candy crowd. Now that back-to-school shopping is in full swing, we brought them back to scout out some cute stuff for dorm rooms that can be ordered online. (Tip: Ship it straight to your room. You’ve got enough to schlep already.) Here’s what they found…


Wall art: Imagine if your dorm walls were a giant stickerbook. Forget damage fees at the end of the year—with this  you can go nuts and then peel it off whenever you please. Flair4All, $20.


Five-headed floor lamp: Match your light to your mood by turning on any one of these colored lamps, or be a rainbow and shine all at once. At Target, 19.99.

Preppy sheets: You’ll automatically save money with those skinny dorm beds, which are the smallest mattresses you’ve known since summer camp. has a big selection. Sure, you have to wade through boring stuff, but when you spot the awesome Tommy Hilfiger “Christina” (top) and “Aaron” sets, it’s worth the hunt., $29.99.


Egglings: Way cuter than your mom’s silk ferns. They come with seeds; just crack them open, add water and watch for a bumper crop of lavender, petunia, mint, chrysanthemum or prickly cactus, others. Brooklyn 5 + 10, $9.95alarm-clock

iPod Alarm: You can find cheaper alarm clocks, sure, but how many come with a bed shaker to get you up and out of the door on time? Compatible with your iPod or iTouch, this multi-functional gadget is a great space saver., $59.99.

Dorm caddy: You don’t want your toothbrush wandering around the shared bathroom. Trust us, this is an essential. Comes in eight colors. At Dormbuy, $3.99.


Arty posters: Avoid the college store’s standard Hendrix art and pick something more YOU on Roll & Tumble Press, $15.


Chalkboard sticker: Don’t try applying your lipstick in this “mirror.” You can stick this pliable chalkboard anywhere you wish. It won’t leave a messy residue., $9.59.

mobilePhoto mobile: Decorate the air in your room by using this hanging photo mobile. Just clip your favorite photos, and watch your friends and family dangle whimsically above you. “Why, hello there!” PB Teen, $12.

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  1. What a great post! I’m going into my last quarter of college and am not living in the dorms anymore.. but I have a hey-day ever year when dorm decorations come out! Even better, when they go on sale. I always find something to jazz up my apartment. And how cool is the chalkboard sticker?! Love it!

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