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Curtains for theater means free props for you

Theater costumes and more for free

If you have a big DIY projects in the works — and we mean anything, from crafting to opening a bar to building a fire escape puppet theater — we’ve got a sweet tip for you. While it’s sad to hear the Manhattan Children’s Theatre is losing the lease on its TriBeCa space in two weeks, they’re turning it into a positive for brokesters by giving away a ton of stuff, including lumber, paint, props, costumes, chairs and tables, plus plenty of household items: toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, suitcases full of “regular people clothes” and even the cool seating units. “Honestly, if I owned a dive bar I’d be all over those things,” managing director Chris Alonzo says. “A perfect substitute for the played out ‘backseat of a car’ bench seating thing.” And they’re setting up a special open house for Brokelyn readers on Sunday.

The open house will take place on Sunday from 12-6pm at the theater, 52 White Street in TriBeCa. A few tools will also be available for purchase, but the rest of the abundance of goods is up for grabs. The full list of stuff for grabs:

* LUMBER – plenty of long and short 1x, 2x, 3/4″ ply, etc. Some units fully assembled (platforms, door frames, etc)

* PAINT – We have a full storage cabinet

* COSTUMES – Some specialty children’s theatre-oriented pieces (gowns, cloaks, dog ears, various animal tails, etc), but plenty of “normal” clothes (pants, shirts, skirts, shoes, etc)

* PROPS – Again, a lot of children’s theatre-oriented items, but also a ton of plates, glasses, phones, pillows, blankets, etc.

* FURNITURE – Office tables, chairs, stools, desks, etc.

* BASIC SUPPLIES – We’ve got boxes of toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, various cleaning supplies, etc.

We’re also giving away our seating units, for those of you potentially building out a theatre space but could also work very well elsewhere (bar/restaurant/deck, etc). Some have been a little more “loved” than the others (by little kid feet), but they’re all totally solid.

Here are those aforementioned seats:

So: what’re you gonna make with your own theater supplies?

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