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You can always pick up a copy of this newish quarterly mag at the hair salon / nail joint / bar / coffee shop, but today you can get a normally $9.99-a-year subscription for free and feel good about supporting a nascent local literary endeavor. You see, actual subscribers help magazines sell ads, which help you buy things, which makes you broker, which makes you love the always-free Brokelyn that much more. So you can see that we’re selfishly motivated here. Plus Brooklyn Magazine does very funny flow charts.

Here’s the link for a free subscription to Brooklyn Magazine.

[via NYC on the Cheap]

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  1. Eh, Brooklyn Mag’s first issue didn’t sit too well with me. A little too “new Brooklyn.” But for free, I’ll give them another shot.

    • Wanna write some official blog posts this week instead of just comments? With our friend cowpesh in SF and all. You going to watch the superbowl? We need a superbowl bars / deals piece

  2. I subscribed for this last time you guys posted about it (still waiting, as it generally takes some time to actually receive an issue). Literally the first thing in the email confirmation says ” BROOKLYN MAGAZINE

    PO BOX 5063

    FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33310″

    Which makes me wonder how much of a “nascent local literary endeavor” it really is. I don’t know, maybe they just thought ft lauderdale is really ironic. Maybe it’s the new Brooklyn. 

    • I think that has more to do with taxes. Much cheaper to incorporate outside of NYC. Pretty much every credit card company is “headquarted in Delaware because they have almost no corporate tax. Hell, even The New Yorker’s subscriptions “office” is some P.O. Box in Ohio.

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