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Free tattoo alert! Celebrate Sailor Jerry’s birthday with some new ink

We'll ink to that.
We’ll ink to that.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is what would have been the original Sailor Jerry’s birthday, and you know what that means? Lots of jokes about crusty seamen! Sorry, couldn’t resist: it actually means free tattoos and cheap rum for you and all your adventurous ilk. And when we say “adventurous,” we don’t mean because of the tattooing: we mean you’ll have to go into Manhattan.

To celebrate Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the father of so many of those nautical tattoos that adorn your favorite out-of-your-league bartender, the rum company is offering free tattoos 169 Bar on the LES, from Brooklyn’s Three Kings tattoos, on Tuesday (1/14)

It’sĀ first-come, first-served for the first 103 people that get in line, with tattoos starting at 2pm and going through midnight. You only get one choice of tattoo this time: the swallow (urge for seamen joke … rising…).

The party will also include special Sailor Jerry rum cocktails (like the Hot Apple Jerry), rum-soaked bites and a boozy birthday cake. And as a side note, 169 Bar is one of our favorite Brokelyn-approved Manhattan bars. Cheap beers and shots and dumplings and crawfish for daaaaays, and also a dinosaur head mounted on the wall like a hunting trophy.

Here’s the design:

The free swallow tattoo you can get.
The free design available at the bar.

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