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GWW outlasted the NY Press

You’ve passed by those ubiquitous yellow Gotham Writers’ Workshop boxes on the street, possibly wondering if they offer legitimate ways to improve your writing skillz or just serve as a very noticeable bathrooms for the homeless. But wonder no more, because Gotham is offering the chance to take one or two of their 42 writing classes for free at its open house Sept. 20-21. The hour-long session will introduce you to the faculty, show you how the classes work and try to tickle your creative taste buds so you come back again. Classes include Memoir Writing, Humor Writing, Screenwriting, Fiction Writing, Stand-up Comedy Writing, Article Writing, Children’s Book Writing, Songwriting and TV Writing. Space is limited. so register asap. Plus, there’s three free, no-registration-required workshops coming up too (check the bottom of the page).

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  1. Loved my travel writing class! Met some awesome people, including one (Jenn!) who introduced me to Brokelyn. It also made me sit down and write…. a great escape, especially in winter. 

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