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Free on Craigslist: Two working, electric dental chairs

This could be us but you playin
This could be us but you playin

Tired of the same old bullshit chairs in your apartment? Looking for something that will be unique AND bring the childhood traumas of your guests up to the surface? Look no farther than Bushwick, where for the price of a truck big enough to transport them, you can have these two electric dental chairs. They’re perfect for reenacting that cinematic classic¬†The Dentist or even its sequel,¬†The Dentist 2.

According to the people who are nice enough to just be giving these things away, the dentist chairs are made by the Belmont Equipment Company, which is a nice piece of trivia. More importantly, the chairs are fully functional when plugged in, which means that you can experience all the thrills of riding the chair up and down, and leaning back and moving forward, all with the power of electricity.


Like we mentioned above, the post says that you’ll need a big truck to move them and that the chairs are heavy, so unless you have a whole team of dentist chair-loving friends to help you, maybe only get these if you live on the first or second floor of your apartment.

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