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Free bike tune-ups at Music Hall of Williamsburg today

This one might need a little more work. Via Smith & Ratfliff.
This one might need a little more work. Via Smith & Ratfliff.

Put your bike through hell this summer? It’s fine if you did, this is the season to be riding it, after all. Still it could probably use some love right around now. Lucky for you we got a tip that Levi’s (of pants fame) is holding a pop-up bike shop at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on August 28 from 5pm-9pm. If you’re still riding that steel-framed Nishiki with the clacking gears, get it fixed up with free a bike tune-up, quick repairs, and a wash. Plus after the bike shop closes, there are some free jams by Javelin, Lemonade, and a DJ set from Tanlines starting at 8pm.

Why, you ask, would a beloved American icon of denim manufacture give away all this sweet bike service? They’re trying to get people hyped for their new line of “Commuter” clothes — pants, shirts, and jackets that look like other Levi’s products except are somehow for biking (because urban, the youngs, Williamsburg, etc.)

It also seems the “Commuter” line is exclusively for men. Women, you know, don’t work or ride bicycles on account of it being unlady-like and too difficult in those large hoop dresses. But if you can set aside Levi’s apparent return to Belle Époque gender stereotypes, getting a free tune-up is like getting handed a brand-new bicycle. Hold your nose and make sure to RSVP.

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