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Forget Black Friday, get even bigger thrift score discounts than usual at Green Friday

film biz recycling
Sweet crap like this at Film Biz Recycling, all for 25% off? Sign us up. via Facebook

If you’re not camped out for Black Friday “deals” already, well we don’t know what to tell you. Sadly, you’ll have to miss out on the biggest state-sanctioned riot of the year we guess. It’s not so bad though, because while capitalism devours the world in the form of people fighting over $11 TVs at bog box stores, you can shop sanely and safely at the best thrift and secondhand stores in the city during Green Friday. We’re talking deals like 50% off clothing at Goodwill, 25% off at Film Biz Recycling and so much more.

Green Friday is the thrift store answer to Black Friday, and requires no camping out, no armoring up and no PTSD counseling after realizing you’ve trampled some poor S.O.B. to death. Instead, just calmly consult the list of stores that are participating in the discounted shopping day, and then calmly wander around them, picking up even bigger discounts than usual on already discounted merchandise.

Even if you’re not planning on buying anything for anyone (and really, what have they ever done for you?), you may as well go out and get stuff for yourself. Why not, when whatever you want to snag Housing Works is 20% less, or the cool chair at Film Biz Recycling is 25% off? You can shop AND do good by going to Cancer Care or the Arthritis Foundation, which are both offering 15% storewide discounts. And those are just a few of the places participating in Green Friday, so come on, if you’re around, skip Target and do Goodwill instead.

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