Flower power: Red Rose & Lavender’s having a huge sale

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Your apartment could use some life, especially since your bird escaped. via Facebook

Is your apartment dreary and kinda dead looking? Of course it is, it’s small and hot and cramped. It could really use some flowers to bring it to life. Sure you could just go to a nicer part of town and take them off people’s stoops, but instead of doing that, why don’t you hit Williamsburg’s Rose Red & Lavender to pick up some flowers on the cheap.

Between now and Sunday, July 21, Rose Red & Lavender (653 Metropolitan Avenue) is slashing prices like so many brave explorers slashing vines with a machete in a jungle. Head over there and you can grab:

– Perennials for 30% off
–  Annuals for 50% off
–  Fairy Garden Supplies for 30% off
–  Veggie Plants for 50% Off
–  Citrus Trees for 40% off
–  Fruit trees for 30% off
–  Herbs for 25% off
–  Perennials for 30% Off
–  Cedar Planters for 30% Off

We’d recommend a veggie plant or fruit tree, because then your plants can work for you, and not just sponge off your goodwill. After all, what are you, their own personal nanny state?

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