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Via Racked, first Look at Barneys Warehouse sale

the line at 7:30 a.m. [via Racked]
The line at 7:30 a.m., via Racked.

The folks over at Racked are a little more dedicated to bargain hunting today at the Barneys Warehouse sale, and by “dedicated” we mean “willing to wait in line at a godforsaken hour in the morning for shoes that still cost more than our entire paycheck.” But props to them for getting in front of the store at 6:59 (!) a.m., subversive live-blogging apparati in tow, so we can get the scoop on just how crazy people get at the idea of discounted Miu Miu bags.

Sounds like the line this morning stretched back to Eighth Ave., with plenty of those old-fashioned teevee news people gawking about, including someone from Fox News! We hope no one brought their conceal-carry assualt rifle to this thing.

Since getting inside, Racked’s undercover garment lover has been keeping track of finds, including a Balenciaga studded tank for $149.50. We’re alien visitors to a world where a gown that still costs more than $1,000 falls under the heading “bargain,” but Racked assures us that this is a deal, with reports of designs from Prada and others.

As of this writing, the last update is from 8:44 a.m. when a half-naked patron was spotted in the corner. Will bargain fever and the summer heat continue to induce random acts of nakedness? Keep following Racked to see.

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