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Finally, a bridesmaid dress service that lets you rent 27 dresses instead of keeping them

vow to be chic
Finally, some bridesmaids who are happy with their dresses. via Instagram

Part of the curse of being pretty and blonde and having 27+ best friends includes needing to buy 27 bridesmaid dresses to wear as you stand up in their weddings. Not only do you have to worry about the immense amount of closet space these poofy pink contraptions take up, but also how you can possibly afford all of these designer dresses, along with the wedding costs of engagement gifts, shower gifts, wedding gifts and transportation and a hotel if you have to travel.

Vow to Be Chic is a new service that can at least solve the bridesmaids dress problem for you. The rental service loans designer dresses starting at just $95, because VTBC puts it “being a bridesmaid is an expensive honor.” True that.

It works simply enough. After requesting a size in the specified dress two months before the wedding, VTBC will send you two sizes so you can fit in the comfort of your home or local tailor to take your alternation measurements. You’ll send the two test dresses back and receive your desired size a week before the event. After the wedding, you send back the dress with the pre-paid shipping label, where it gets cleaned up and ready to go to another wedding.

And of course, VTBC has its own Pinterest board, so bridemaids can prepare for all their bridesmaidly duties and get psyched for the big day.

So brides (or grooms), if you’re feeling in any way generous, let your bridesmaids rent their dresses. They really don’t want to keep them anyway.

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