Fill it in: Our pals at Blank Slate are hiring


If any of you are veteran Brokelyn readers, you might remember how the site used to look. Which was nice and all, but then last year we got a fantastic redesign to the palatial website you frolic in nowadays. The good people of Blank Slate were responsible for that, and if you like their work, good news: they’re hiring for their sales team.Here’s the job info:

BlankSlate, based in DUMBO, manages advertising for a fast growing network of premium sites focusing on urban audiences. Sites include Brownstoner, Brokelyn, and many more. The Digital Sales Assistant will work closely with BlankSlate’s ad sales team on all aspects of the sales cycle, from lead generation to media proposals, to social media, as well as campaign management and ad trafficking. You’ll gain knowledge of all aspects of digital media advertising as well as the ability to create your own path with a unique and growing media company.

If you think you can hang and sell ads with the best of them, email jobs [at] blankslate.com with a few words about yourself, how much money you want to make and your LinkedIn profile. Maybe keep your nap advocacy to yourself until you get hired though.

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