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Exit through the Gilt shop: There’s some Banksy art on sale today

This one seems like it could be good for you.
If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, congratulations! We hope it doesn’t have bed bugs. Also, you might want to do a little bit of decorating. Finally get rid of your Reservoir Dogs poster and that Ikea art you made a huge mistake buying, and check out Gilt’s Banksy sale for a quick way to spruce up your new pad.
129 different works are up for grabs, with framed, wall decal, and canvas options to fill the space on your walls, while providing you with a conversation piece that’s not the one cardboard box you never got around to unpacking when you moved in, that you awkwardly covered with a too-small tablecloth, that you wish nobody’d notice when they came over but that they always ask about, and who the hell are they judge?
Anyway, a lot of your favorites are there, including Maid in London, Flower Thrower, and Girl With Balloons. It’s not the cheapest merchandise ever, but hey, this is Banksy we’re talking about, and you’ve probably always wanted a piece of art to hang that you can humblebrag about, even though it’ll totally be transparent, you jerk. If anything, think of this as your chance to make good on the time you missed out on buying his original work outside of Central Park, and that time you were too lazy to check out any of the installations during his month-long residency here. Besides, not every piece will break the bank.
Now, would anybody like to gift us Batman and the Police?

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