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Excelsior! You can get 15,000 Marvel comics online for just $1

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Hey, have we mentioned lately how you should be reading Hawkeye? Because you totally should be

Given that every summer movie season from now on is going to have at least one giant Marvel movie attached to it, it’s about time you get acquianted with the source material. You can either sit down with one of your nerd friends and have her explain who Nick Fury is and the complicated history of the Winter Solider OR you can pay just 99 cents for online access to 75 years of Marvel Comics for a whole month. Do the second one, it sounds GREAT.

Whether you’re a comics nerd who’s been meaning to read an old Marvel epic or a newbie who wants to be cool now and read comics, the deal for $1 for a month of access to Marvel Unlimited is pretty damn incredible. Just one American dollar gets you a month of unlimited online access to 15,000 comics published over 75 years of Marvel’s history. From the heroes you know and love like Thor and Captain America to Brokelyn-approved, Brooklyn-dwelling Hawkeye, to lesser-known characters like Namor and Zzzax, this deal will let you spend your last month of summer with the people who mean the most to you. The deal is only gonna last a week though, so don’t think too hard about it, just buy the comics and regret it later.

[h/t Wired]

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