Etsy’s strangest items get their own blog

Picture 44File this under ideas we mused about over beers but never actually pulled off: a new meme blog of the crazy, kooky, sometimes terrifying things people sell on Etsy. (Even weirder than this Michael Jackson memorabilia.) In today’s Thrillist email blast comes a link to the cleverly titled Regretsy blog, a catalogue of treasures like amputated pigeon feet, soap that looks like a corn-doodie, a cuddly plush teddy bear with lady business (um, what for?) and this “birth education” crochet pattern. We’ll spare you the masturbating dinosaur wall plaque, but a pink leopard goat poncho (after the jump) was too festive to resist, even if the goat isn’t convinced. Do your own browsing here.

Picture 43

[via Thrillist]

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