Eat until you’re DUMBO at Flea Food Under the Archway

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Who has one thumb and likes eating cemitas under the DUMBO Archway? via Facebook

It’s getting summery out there finally, no doubt helped along by the emergence of the Mermaid Parade. And if it’s getting summery, that means it’s time for you to get outside, either to “work” if you’re a freelancer, or take Mad Men-style long disappearing lunches if you work in an office. DUMBO is a great place to do that, with its abundant wifi supplies and proximity to outdoor phone-charging stations. So what better time than now to hit up the mini-Smorgasburg that is Flea Food Under the Archway?

Because it’s not enough to be able to get food from Smorgasburg at two different locations (and it really isn’t), the Archway in DUMBO is playing host to a few vendors every Friday from noon until 3pm. If you’re wandering by/playing hooky, here’s what you can expect to eat:

-Delicious sandwiches and tacos from Cemita’s

Rice and Miso Everyday‘s Japanese soul food

-Stacked meat sandwiches from Landhaus

-Fancypants grilled cheese courtesy of Little Muenster

-Falafel from Saucy by Nature

-Coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company to get you through the post-lunch slog

And the occasional surprise guest from the neighborhood. Oh, and there’s also mini-golf if you want to try to hustle people for some free lunch. Remember, the trick is to make them think you’re really bad at it first, before dropping the hammer in the second game.

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