Dream job alert: Punderdome wants live aid

Their brand could be your life. via Facebook
Their brand could be your life. via Facebook

How do unpaid pirates travel? With intern ships! (Pause for laughter) Yes, internships. You think you’ve (Lena) Dunham all. But here’s one that will prove irresistable to PR peeps and punsters alike. Brokelyn pal theĀ Punderdome is looking for a some part-time help. The monthly pun competition — what we in the trade call a grown-up groan up — offers Brooklyn’s nerdiest punsters a chance to show off their date-repelling wit. And now they need an intern to promote the brand.
If you’re like a car with a flat (i.e. have spare time), admire theater put on by the dictionary (word play), and feel like a hamburger (on a roll), then this may be the internship for you. You need to be good with social media and, like an elephant at the back of a parade, have an eye for de-tail. Pun skill not required (but you must agree that puns kill).

Sound good? Then resume sending your resume and you may in turn find yourself an interim intern for Brooklyn’s coolest (?) pun competition. And if you haven’t seen Punderdome, come to the show this Tuesday, Feb. 5.

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Pirate pun courtesy @timdonnelly

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