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Downward price: Free yoga series to take the pain out of paying for yoga

We can do this (we can't do this). via Facebook
We can do this (we can’t do this). via Facebook

Yoga. Everyone’s into it, except for lunatics who think it’s Satantic. And even if it is, eh, it’s not like a little Satanism ever hurt anyone. Besides, we all know the true evil of yoga, like the true evil of anything, is having to pay for it. But, starting Thursday, you’ll be able to get around the whole “providing legal tender in exchange for services” thing for a few days, thanks to the Luna Free Yoga Series, in which 25 studios will give away a total of 500 free class passes from June 13 – July 17.

Getting yourself a free pass will be much easier than doing yoga itself. We assume, we’ve never done it. But since all you need to do is pick a studio on the website, which will have list of studios starting on June 13, it definitely seems easier than actual yoga. You don’t have to be a yoga novice for this promotion either. As long as you’re a new student at whichever studio you go want to visit, they’ll let you pose and stretch for a free class.

The series also has a charitable angle, with a partnership with Edible Schoolyard NYC, a group that builds gardens and kitchen classrooms in New York public schools. A $10 donation during the free yoga week will enter you into a raffle to win a month of free yoga at one of the participating yoga studios. Finally, a reason to own yoga pants other than a chance to show everyone your butt.

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